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Welcome to the Year of the Horse: On behalf of the HMS Board of Directors, I wish all of you shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! Welcome to the Year of the Horse.
I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season and a great New Year celebration. Wishing all of you a happy and successful 2014!
We enter the new year with many things to be thankful for. Our preschool shade cover project is complete. Our green space project is well underway. Most of all, our administration, faculty, student body, and our extended family of parents, relatives, and friends enjoy close and open relationships. Let us live our lives in gratitude for our good fortune.
Best wishes to students, parents, faculty, and staff for a happy and successful school year.
In Gassho,
Wayne Y. Yoshioka
HMS School Board Chair

HMS School Board

  • Wayne Yoshioka
    • Betsuin Board Vice President
    • School Board Chairperson
    • Transportation Consultant with AECOM
  • Jackie Furuta
    • Betsuin Board Member
    • Personnel Committee Chairperson
    • Attorney
  • Alan Goto
    • Betsuin Board Member
    • Finance Committee Chairperson
    • Retired
  • John Toguchi
    • Betsuin Board Member
    • Facilities Committee Chairperson
    • Architect
  • David Miyamoto
    • Betsuin Board Member
    • Engineer
  • Alan Tomita
    • Betsuin Board Vice President
    • Engineer
  • Arthur Nakagawa
    • Betsuin President
    • Retired
  • Dr. Shigeaki Fujitani
    • Retired Professor
  • Francis Suganuma
    • Engineer
  • Jason Ito
    • Director, Kyo-ya Co.
  • Mike Inouye
    • PTO President
  • David Randall
    • HMS Head of School
  • Teddi Yagi
    • HMS Vice Principal

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